Traditional Sports Betting vs Fantasy Sports

In the past years, gamblers in the US have been given an opportunity of both gambling traditionally at sportsbook along with attempting to make profit through Fantasy Sports. These leisure activities would offer very different ways of investing hard-earned money into predicting the results of sporting events. However, both would offer an exciting way to get you involved.

Sport Betting

Let us make a comparison between fantasy sports and traditional sportsbooks. Foremost, it should be explained how they work and whom you are actually gambling against. You would move on to looking at the major differences you would need to know for both these gambling options.

Sports Betting

Working of Fantasy Sports and Traditional Sportsbook

When playing Fantasy Sports, you would enter a tournament of two or more players. Each tournament would have a buy-in amount that could vary from free to several thousands of dollars. Every entrant would pick a roster of players in your given sport. Every player would be having his or her own salary. You would only be given a specific amount of money in order to spend on these players. The players would earn points for various achievements in a game. You would add the totals of the players together in order to gain a personal total. This would then rank against other competitors.

A sportsbook would offer odds to users around a sporting event. The user of the website would decide whether to bet on the event and how much they would bet.

Traditional Sportsbook

This would lead to major differences between the two concerning who you are actually gambling against. In Fantasy Sports, you would be up against other users of the website. The Fantasy Sports Website itself has been acting as an intermediary by taking commission every time you purchase into a tournament. While using a sportsbook, it is simply a case of you against the website. However, you would want to win money from the website and the website wanting to make money from you.

Fantasy Sports

Advantages and Disadvantages

When playing Fantasy Sports, you would face a mixture of abilities. Some of the players would be weak, especially at the tournaments having lower stakes entry. In case, you are better than the average player is, you would have an upper edge. Moreover, in case the upper edge has been more than the commission taken by the website, you would make profit. Nonetheless, the website is certainly to make profit.

Traditional Sports Betting

When betting at a sportsbook, you would be facing only one competitor. Despite this being, a high quality in the sportsbook itself, there would be no guarantee that the Traditional Sports Betting Sites would surely win.