Top 10 Best Death Bowlers For Sri Lanka In T20I Cricket

Death bowling is a technique that not many bowlers have a chance of learning, especially in Twenty20-style competitions. During the “death over,” the batsman gets to try out different shots and ways of playing. Bowling in the last overs adds a lot of extra pressure, which is one of the reasons why it is such a hard job. But there are bowlers who, despite the challenges they’ve faced, have done this difficult job with style and skill. Checkout Indian domestic cricket news to check for best Indian death bowlers. Let’s have a look at some of Sri Lanka’s most dangerous Twenty20 International bowlers.

  • Lasitha Malinga –

Lasith Malinga is the best bowler in the world, and no one else comes close. There has never been a better death bowler in the history of cricket. He moved quickly, but his actions were always right. He was great at throwing both slow balls and those loopy yorkers that always threw the batter off. He has played in 84 Twenty20 Internationals and taken 107 wickets. This makes him Sri Lanka’s all-time leader in this category.

  • Noel Kulasekara – 

From 2003 to 2017, most people thought that Nuwan Kulasekara was one of Sri Lanka’s best swing bowlers. In 2009, he was named Sri Lanka’s best bowler of all time in one-day internationals (ODIs). He played in a total of 58 Twenty20 Internationals and finished with 66 wickets and 7.45 runs per over when bowling. He was Sri Lanka’s number two death bowler, only better than Lasith Malinga.

  • Ajanta Mendis –

Ajanta Mendis is the only player on this team who can spin the ball. His name is Ajanta Mendis. In Twenty20 Internationals, most death overs are bowled by fast bowlers, but not by Mendis. Mendis could bowl quietly and accurately, which made him a threat to the team at any time during the match. He has taken 66 wickets and scored an average of 6.45 runs per over in 39 Twenty20 Internationals. Ajanta Mendis is the person who has taken the most wickets in a Twenty20 International. He has done this twice, which is the record.

  • Dushmanta Chameera –

Because he is fast and angry, this bowler is Sri Lanka’s best choice for the position. He can go as fast as 233 miles per hour and is very tall. He has played in 50 Twenty20 Internationals and has taken 48 wickets, for an average of 30.27. He is Sri Lanka’s second most important player in white-ball cricket, after the team’s captain, Angelo Mathews.

  • Angelo Mathews – 

Angelo Mathews is also on the team. He used to be the captain of Sri Lanka. Mathews is Sri Lanka’s best player in all forms of the game. He has played in 78 Twenty20 Internationals and has an economy rate of 6.99. Because of his skill and consistency in practice, he was able to bowl in all conditions. Mathews used to bowl as well, but he has stopped doing that so he can focus on batting and not put himself at risk of getting hurt.

  • Thisara Perera –

Thisara Perera is the next player on the squad, and she is a very versatile athlete who can play a wide variety of positions, all of which she excels to an equal degree. Because of the force with which he smashed the ball and the dexterity with which he performed his strokes, anybody who was bowling or batting against Perera was taking a significant risk. In addition to being an excellent hitter, he was also a brilliant bowler who could deliver the ball in a variety of various ways. He could also hit the ball quite far. He played in all of his country’s Twenty20 international matches, and he finished with 45 wickets while averaging 35.08 runs per game. His professional life was over at this point.

  • Isuru Udana –

On this roster of fast bowlers, Isuru Udana is the only one who tosses the ball with his left hand. The remaining players always toss with their right hand. Because he possessed such a large number of bowling balls with a slower speed, the coach decided to put him on the squad to serve as the “death bowler.” Through his regular hitting and fielding, he made a significant contribution to the cohesiveness of the team’s performance. He participated in 35 Twenty20 Internationals during his career, finishing with 27 wickets and an average of 33.78 runs for his side.

  • Lahiru Kumara –

In this period, Sri Lanka’s Lahiru Kumara is the finest fast bowler the country has produced. In addition to his height and strength, he has a bowling speed of around 93 miles per hour (150 kilometers per hour). Because of how fast he bowls, even his slower balls can inflict a lot of harm on the target. He has participated in 19 Twenty20 Internationals and has a strike rate of 24.52 with the wickets he has taken. It is safe to say that he is one of the younger fast bowlers in Sri Lankan cricket who has a great deal of promise.

  • Dilhara Fernando –

The year 2006 was Dilhara Fernando’s debut in the Twenty20 International event, and he remained active in the competition right up until 2016. He was only able to participate in 18 games, but he got 25 wickets in those 18 games. This implies that he had an average of 25.77 wickets per game he played. It didn’t take him long to establish himself as one of Sri Lanka’s most dependable performers with the white ball even though he was a quick bowler by nature. As a result of the injuries he sustained, he was forced to miss a significant portion of the game.

  • Dasun Shanaka –

Dasun Shanaka, who is the current captain of Sri Lanka’s white-ball cricket team, is in charge of leading the squad. Both as a batter and a bowler, he may be considered above average, and the pace at which he performs these two skills is average. Because of the consistency with which he delivers both line and length, as well as how he varies the style he tosses, he is an excellent death bowler in every game. The bowler who throws in the middle has a batting average of 24 and has taken 18 wickets in his career.

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