The Online Gambling Industry: An Overview

The online gambling industry is getting bigger and bigger, both in terms of its user base and the casinos offering more and more to their customers. With more and more regulation coming into use under legal laws, online gambling is becoming more widespread, and a lot more reliable as a way to generate a bit of quick cash here and there. Currently legal in at least 93 countries around the world, online gambling sites are very much here to stay.

A Growing Industry

Since officially opening their doors in 1994, online gambling sites have grown in strength across both their user numbers and their total revenue. With over 200 sites existing only 3 years later, and with 85% of Americans admitting to using online gambling sites at least once in their life, we can be sure online gambling is an ever growing, popular industry, even over 20 years later.

Mobile Usage

The total value of the industry is expected to reach over $100 billion dollars in the next 5 years, and special thanks to this rise in revenue must be given to the mobile market. In 2020 alone, about 70% of the total revenue from online gambling activities originated from mobile devices.

Indeed, an online casino Malaysia can generate up to $4 billion dollars in a single month, and that’s one of the many reasons as to why gambling online is so popular – a big income often means big, quick payouts. More players means more money in the pot, and someone’s got to win it!

Image Source: Freepik