Growing trend of online gambling

The current study about online gambling has put light on how young adults get themselves involved in internet gaming/gambling. It was particularly interesting to see if social casino gaming was mentioned as part of young adults’ online gambling experience. This is due to the concerns that social casino games could serve as a ‘gateway’ to online gambling.

Specifically, after playing social casino games for a short time, numerous young individuals reported switching to internet gambling. The involvement of ads and the exaggerated payout rates on these free to play gambling type games were two potential mechanisms that could contribute to transferring it from social casino games to online gambling. The findings imply that initiatives aimed at preventing the spread of disordered gambling should be aware of the potential for social casino gaming to serve as a gateway to internet gambling, particularly among this susceptible demographic.

The current study used a qualitative approach to evaluate the experiences of young adult online gamblers to discover the process and factors that may induce young adults to gamble online, including the function of social casino games. In other words, the goal of this study was to look into the motives for online gambling, as well as the transfer from social casino games to online gambling.

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Online gambling amongst young adults

The Internet has altered the way that people participate in a variety of activities, including gambling sites. When compared to land-based gambling, online gambling sites for example  offers gamers convenience, accessibility, and confidentiality—all from the comfort of their own homes. Researchers, regulators, and policymakers have all expressed worry about this ease of access. In light of this, it may be useful to investigate the variables that motivate young individuals to gamble online, such as the link between social casino gaming and online gambling. This is because there is growing evidence that social casino games play a role in triggering online gambling, and young adults are increasingly exposed to them.