Beginners Guide to Play Online Casino Games

Gambling is fun and can offer good winnings, when dices roll in your favour. So, beginners dream of hitting jackpot and enjoy a retirement on their personal private island just like you watched in movies. There are some things to know before entering a gameplay.

  • House always has the upper hand
  • Math is always on their side
  • House does not depend on luck to make money but players need luck to win
  • Gambling is strictly for entertaining and not a technique to make money
  • Hot streaks eventually end, so if you collected more money think about stopping

Set an account

Situs judi online [English Meaning = online gambling sites] offer two options –

Free money account – Beginners can find it helpful to play with fake money and learn the concept

Real money account – Bets option for veteran players, who are all ready to play with real money

Fill in requested details. Never give false information because you will experience issues during pay-outs as well as suffer immediate account closure. Beginners can start with play money and the transfer to real money account.

What is welcome bonus?

Welcome bonus is of two types –

Free money – New users are offered $10 or $15 without deposit

Bonus of 100% on deposit – It means if you deposit $200 then you get another $200 as welcome bonus [This is an example, every casino offers different welcome bonus percentage, so read their T&Cs]


Choose the ‘withdrawal’ option and enter your details and amount to be withdrawn. Pay-outs take around three days. Before collecting your winnings, casino asks for an ID proof. Withdrawal methods differ from one gambling site to another.

Choose games wisely

Get accustomed with casino lobby and depending on your interest choose a game. If you desire to have fun then opt for simple games like roulette, slots or keno. If you desire to try some skill games and earn real money then play craps, baccarat, video poker or blackjack. Once the game is chosen, you will be directed there.

Play for fake money or real money

It is wise that beginners try games in ‘Practice’ or ‘Guest’ mode. You play for free and accumulate fake money but it is significant to understand the game, how to control emotions, and sharpen gaming skill levels for hopeful win.

Read terms & conditions

Before you click ‘Agree’ take some time to read the T&Cs. It describes the dos and don’ts. Ninety percent of complaints related to online casinos can be totally avoided if users read T&C before approving.

Relax and have fun playing!