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Online Casino Apps vs. Mobile Friendly Websites

Almost all online casinos nowadays support mobile devices in one way or another, and the two most popular ways of doing so are by providing a dedicated mobile app or providing a mobile-friendly website. Both of these methods are widely used – but there are differences between them that you should be aware of.

For starters, the one problem with apps is that they tend to be specific to the type of mobile device that is being used. Nowadays that is normally between iOS (i.e. Apple) devices and Android devices – so if the casino does not provide an app for both then you may be limited in terms of your options.

Also there is the question of the version of iOS and Android that the app was designed for. While this tends to be less of an issue on iOS, the various versions of Android can often present problems especially if the app was designed for an older version and hasn’t been updated for some time.

On the flipside, mobile-friendly websites are a bit friendlier insofar as they can be accessed easily on all sorts of mobile devices. That being said they do have limitations as well and tend to consume more bandwidth and utilize more data as they need to download resources each time the website is accessed.

If you’re wondering which is ‘better’ then it should be pretty clear at this point that both have advantages and disadvantages. Having an app reduces the data consumption and load times, but raises questions of compatibility. On the other hand mobile-friendly websites tend to be more widely compatible but consume more data and load slower.

In an ideal sense it would be perfect if you could find a real money online casino that has both – but failing that you should decide based on what suits you best. If data-consumption is an issue then locating a casino with a reliable and compatible app would be your best bet. On the other hand if it isn’t then you can use a mobile-friendly website instead.

All said and done it is up to you but suffice to say you should have no shortage of options. Just pick the one that suits you best and try it out.