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How to Play Double Bubble Slots?

Double bubble is a popular slot game. If you want to have fun then this game will be your first choice. The best thing about this game is it will be easy to learn and you can win big. This article will give you a detailed guide about how to play double bubble slots and increase your chances of winning.

How to play double bubble slots?

The main object of double bubble slot will be to spin the reels and winning combination of the fruity symbols. The different combination will be worth with the highest value win when the combination appears in the bubble line.

  • Select the coin size:

This is one of the components that is behind how much you spin will cost you. The minimum for every line you will cover on the double bubble slot machine and it will cost you one pence. If you are covering the 20 lines then the total cost per spin will be high.  This sized wager will be for players with the larger cash flows than the most. You can also change the coin value to toggle through the different sizes.

  • Decide how many lines you want to cover:

With the double bubble slot, there will be a multi-line slot with 20 lines in total. You can multiply the number of lines that will be covered by the coin size and it will determine how much your total bet per spin will be. The more lines you cover the more it will cost but the higher the chance there will be of you winning. If you want to change the number of pay lines then you have to click on one of the numbers that appear on each site of the five reels.

  • Click spin:

The machine will spin its reels at random with the chosen coin size and covered pay lines. If you have spin a winning combination then the double bubble will tell you how much you have won and that will highlight the line to the win. If you click the spin button again then it w3ill stop and reveals the symbols more quickly.

  • Auto spin:

There will b an auto spin function on the double bubble slot machine that will be used to avoid stress injuries. If you enjoy playing multiple games at once and this feature will be often used when you have more than one slot machine at the same time. The auto spin function will stop when the bonus round will be activated and that you will cancel it any point to resume the manual spinning.

These are the some of the features involved with the game. This will be played over the internet and it will not be perfect. The double bubble will be a fun ride to win big bucks and this is the most exciting part of this slot will be line up the five reels in winning combination then you will win 22 times of your stake.