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Best Casinos to visit in the UK

If your next travel destination for the holidays is the UK and you have an unspoken penchant for casinos, then you must pay a visit to these famous casinos that the country has to offer.

What would you need to know about the casinos in the UK, you ask? Well, the legal age to visit any UK Online Casino is 18 years, but they only ask for an ID if you look even a day younger than 21. Small town casinos do not really follow dress codes, but in big cities like London or Manchester, most casinos have an ongoing theme for every day of the year: jacket, trousers and proper shoes for men, and elegant clothing for the women.

The casinos listed below are some of the best and finest casinos that the UK has to offer its patrons, and all of them ensure that you have a good time there, despite your wins or losses.

The Casino at the Empire

This casino is located in an old theatre in Leicester Square in London, and is one of the most famous casinos the country has ever seen. The casino is extremely spacious, owing to its 55,000-square feet area which is spread over three levels. Although the casino may get a teeny-tiny bit crowded at times, patrons can always find refuge in one of the four posh bars that the building houses, or the Asian restaurant housing authentic Chinese chefs. The usual crowd at the place come and flock on games like Baccarat, Three Card Poker and Pai Gow, apart from the conventional games of roulette, Blackjack and the slot machines. The entry to the casino is free, with a dress code of neat and tidy casuals.

The Ritz Club

Known to be one of the uber exclusive casinos in the entire state of England, this UK Casino in the heart of London occupies the space of the once-ballroom of the famous Ritz Hotel. The interiors of this place are gorgeous, wjat with exclusive wall paintings, beautiful furniture and glamorous rugs that make the gambling experience a little more exciting and classy than usual.  Here, all patrons must be above 18 years of age and have to carry an ID. Although the dress code is casual, the crowd that comes in quite posh in the British way of saying things. Apart from the conventional games like Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, etc., the Ritz Club also has a private area where players can have their private games on.

Les Croupiers Casino

This Whelsh Casino is locally known as “The Croups” and is one of the dominant gambling destinations in Cardiff. This Uk Casino is one of the most popular gambling havens in the country, and is frequented by not only locals but also tourists from all over the world. Everyone above the age of 18 is welcome here, and the major attractions of this place include the Dragon Court Chinese restaurant and the swanky sports bar in the building. The games her include American roulette, Dice, Punto Banco, Texas Hold’ Em and Mahjong, amongst others. The entry is free and the dress code is a smart but relaxed casual themed.