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7 skills you should learn from pro Teen Patti player

Teen Patti is a popular gambling card game which is a simplified version of poker. This game is usually played in a group of 3-6 persons with a 52- card pack excluding jokers. Each of the players are dealt three cards that are faced down. Before dealing the cards, the boot amount must be decided and then collected from each player. The player to remain in the game until the completion of the hand and having the best or highest hand based on the ranking of the cards wins the game.

Teen Patti is a game of chance where players have to play with only three cards and the way in which betting works. Because of its gambling nature, Teen Patti is illegal even if played online. Teen Patti is played with dummy money and is not much popular. Here are few skills that should be learnt to play and master the game of Teen Patti:

Practice the Game

It is a well- known fact that the only way to get better at something is to practice often which means knowing the game completely inside out. Try and practice playing Teen Patti as often as you can to learn exactly what action is to be taken at each moment. If you looking to play for fun, then you need not take it too seriously but to make some money and get better at this game, practice the game as much as you can to get perfect at it.

Start Small

Do not risk a big amount of money if you are not sure about the game as there are chances of losing. There are chances that if you happen to get lucky and win the amount, you are sure to get a sense of false security and will continue to bet amounts of money. This can become a problem as you might lose a huge chunk of money at one go. It is advisable to start by betting small amount of money as this gives you the time to understand the game well and grow your confidence.

Remember Each Hand is Unique

It is a very important fact to remember that each dealt hand is unique. Even if you have won two rows in a hand, this does not necessarily increase your chances of winning the next game. Each and every single hand you receive is unique and is unaffected by the hand before.

Take Breaks

Even if you play Teen Patti 24/7, you will not be able to improve your game skills as your judgment will become impaired soon. Keeping this in mind, it is always advisable to take breaks so that you are always refreshed whenever you play the game. This helps in improving your concentration and keeping the mind fresh.

Game Plan

Once you get good at the game, you can devise a strategy. This helps you to keep a control over the betting amount. For example, you can say that you will never bet on something that is lower than a ‘x, x’. Then if you are dealt something lower, you will not be tempted to place or bet any money because this will be going against your game plan that was devised at the beginning.

Learn the Moves

There is several numbers of moves in Teen Patti which can be done at a certain time and to give yourself the best chance of winning, you will have to learn these moves. For example, to minimize your losses, even a simple fold needs to be used every now and then. Also in addition to folding, you need to learn playing blind and asking for a slideshow.

Enjoy the Game

You will have to struggle to improve at the game of Teen Patti if you put too much of pressure. Instead of doing so, enjoy the game while learning and have fun.

The Last Words

Teen Patti is an easy game to play if practiced and learnt well. Winning the game depends on many factors such as when to check your hand, checking when to fold and checking when to increase the game. This game is worth trying for all poker fans.