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3 Ways to Know if Your Opponents are Bluffing in Poker

Poker is a unique card game because it is not just dependent on luck. Of course, you have to be lucky so you will be confident in playing the game. However, you also need to be wise in making decisions. You have to analyse your opponents well so that you can make them do things in your favour. In short, you can make them fold even if they should go all-in or the other way around. You have to remember though that they can easily return the favour. They can also analyse your behaviour and make a decision based on how they read you. Therefore, it is great if you can tell if they are bluffing.

  1. Shaking of hands

This is common among beginners. When they are bluffing and they are not used to it, they easily shake. They feel extremely nervous. They also feel like they will be caught any time. Therefore, the moment you see someone shaking when asked something, then you are most likely facing a bluffer. You have to be careful though. There are experts in bluffing who pretend to look like they are bluffing but they don’t. This will also affect your decision.

  1. Inability to look you straight in the eyes

This is not just applicable to poker, but in real life as well. The moment someone can’t look you in the eye, it means that he is lying. Again, there are others who are already experts in lying. You can’t easily tell if they are lying through this strategy. It helps though when you are dealing with beginners.

  1. They change the topic

In playing poker with friends, you might talk about a lot of things. You might gossip about someone you dislike. You may also talk about your family members. You can even gossip about each other. When asked to go back to the game and discuss poker, this person might immediately change the topic so that they won’t be caught lying. They are so good at diverting the topic just to move away from the real issue.

It takes time before you will understand the character of the people you are playing with. The moment you do, you can use it against them. This might be a bit complicated though when playing poker online. It is difficult to tell whether or not someone is lying or bluffing because you can’t see them face to face. You just have to keep them engaged in the online discussion so that you can tell whether or not they are telling the truth.

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